Ultra-light Men’s Outdoor Sports Elevator Sneakers 6cm

I believe that many of my friends who are not tall in life, we must not be unfamiliar with the increase in shoes and heightening pads are two products that help us increase, in fact, the Elevator Sneakers is the same as ordinary shoes, but only because the shoes are relatively high and relatively invisible, So what is called the increase in shoes, then what is the advantage of increasing shoes?

What are the advantages of increasing shoes? Increased: As the upgraded shoes Ultra-light Men’s Outdoor Sports Elevator Shoes 6.0 cm, the most important is the increase function. The appearance of the shoes is the same as that of ordinary leather shoes and sports shoes. The built-in heightening can increase the height of the human body by 5-10 cm.

Elevator Sneakers

Increase the weight of the shoes: Compared with the ordinary increase in shoes, the weight of the shoes is only 1/3 of the average increase in shoes. The Elevator Sneakers can correct the body shape: the heightening shoes are designed according to the ergonomics, the walking is more comfortable, the posture can be corrected immediately, and the walking is straight and straight. Elevator Sneakers can correct the body, improve the habit of hunchback and bend, make people straight and chest, and confident; especially suitable for people with flat feet (adding a high level is equivalent to adding a foot arch).

Design science: increase the ratio of shoes and ordinary high heels, increase the shoes, shock up and down, balance left and right, ultra-light shoes, so the increase of 7 cm can also be as smooth!
A pair of high-enhanced shoes, equivalent to a pair of fashion shoes, a pair of leather shoes, a pair of sports cushion shoes, a pair of 7 cm high heels! Reasonable price: As long as the price of a pair of ordinary leather shoes, you can have magical Elevator Shoes.

Elevator Sneakers

Complete style: Height Increasing Shoes in the shape of beautiful and novel, there are genuine, casual, travel men and women shoes series, there are hundreds of single, cotton, sandals style; increase the height into a series, there are high shoes (4-6cm), high shoes ( 6-7.5cm), extra high shoes (7.5-10cm).

Light and breathable: the internal high-rise light and flexible, can play a role in assisting shock absorption, protect the human brain and other organs, some shoes have an air circulation system, can play the function of ventilation inside the shoe, can prevent moisture, discharge Sweat, deodorant.

Elevator Sneakers

What are the hazards of wearing Height Increasing Shoes? Because the ordinary shoe design does not reserve a high-rise space, after the strong plug increases the height, the space inside the shoe is reduced, so that the feet are squeezed for a long time, resulting in impassable blood and affecting the health of both feet.

Due to the arbitrarily increased increase in height, unlike professional high-end shoes, which use professional adhesives to fix the soles, the high-rises placed in ordinary shoes may slip during walking, which may increase the risk of wrestling and sprains. The damage done to the foot during the lame is great.

Elevator Sneakers

Cheap high-rises may collapse after wearing a few times, and 7 cm may become 3 to 4 cm. Adolescents wearing high-heeled shoes for a long time will seriously affect the development of the foot bone and make the foot bone dysplasia. Wearing shoes for a long time can also cause a series of foot bone diseases, which can lead to disability in severe cases.

Wearing shoes for a long time can easily lead to extreme dissatisfaction with one’s height, resulting in dependence on the increased shoes. Once you don’t wear the shoes, you will feel unnatural or even inferior. Wearing shoes with appropriate heights will give people some confidence, but don’t wear them for a long time to avoid harm to their health.