New Thick Soft Men’s Inner Casual Lifting Shoes Increased 6.5 cm

From the “BMW boots” (inside the shoes) was drowned out by laughter, everyone seems to bring colored glasses to see the men who wear increased. The internal increase was labeled as a short, hypocrite, and vanity. For a time, everyone was tempered by the increase in New Thick Soft Men’s Inner Casual Lifting Shoes Increased 6.5 cm.

In the 17th century, the famous “Sun King” Louis XIV in France was the fashionista of the fashion. He wore wigs, perfumes, and self-cultivation, and he was good at dressing himself with bright colors. The height of only 1.62 meters has become a stumbling block on the road of the European fashion creator’s “Gao Fu Shuai”. So the court shoemaker thickened his heel by ten centimeters and painted it in red, for fear that others could not see it, as well as Lifting Shoes. All kinds of heights could be high enough to cause a pair of men’s high heels.

Lifting Shoes

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is about 1.70 meters tall, but often has a height of 1.75 meters. The former “first lady” Bruni is in the side of international talks and inevitably encounters such a tall man as Obama. It is difficult to hide his own. Height and disadvantage. There have been cases of lying on the ground.

Compared to politicians, it is more common for Hollywood actor to wear Height Increasing Shoes. The popular male god Atango, in order to prevent the high altitude of the two ex-wife from affecting him, he was relieved to step on the shoes. “Iron Man” Robert even penetrated the film into the movie. George Rooney himself already has a height of 1.80 meters, but he also added a special inner insole in his shoes, just to be able to fit a female partner on the side. Here is a special introduction to the special inside enthusiasts, Iron Man, Robert Downey, who loves everyone, and his inner heightening shoes.

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Little Robert’s height is very casual. This is the case when standing with the 1 meter 85 beauty team.This is the case when standing with the hammer of 1 meter 92. However, Robert officially claimed that the height of 1.74 meters, and Gao Fushuai’s opening method is only a pair of internal Height Increasing Shoes. And never conceal his enthusiasm for internal increase. In summary, the American audience does not criticize the stars for wearing higher, and the French people do not discriminate against the president’s increase. Perhaps the Chinese people are not hostile to the short men, nor are they biased against the internal increase, but they do not like it. Lies and sophistry.

Lifting Shoes

Therefore, the domestic star can refer to Cai Kangyong’s attitude, and admit that he loves to wear high shoes and integrate this into the usual style. When the heightening shoes are not only related to the shape, no one will take it to be a topic of joking short men.

Finally, Iron Man teaches you to wear inside, choose loose pants that can cover the upper, can alleviate the attention of others on your shoes. The increase in the inside is still to be added to the shoes of the middle and high gangs, and it is necessary to refuse to increase the price. Wear the inner height, take a serious picture, try to avoid the various distortions of the ankle, otherwise it may look like a fracture.