8cm Groom Married Invisible Height Increasing Shoes

From the perspective of the human foot structure and the principle of walking mechanics, the 10 cm high heel and flat shoes are two extremes, and the two are not the extremes that make you comfortable. They are not the best choice; the most suitable for the human body, the most comfortable. The most healthy thing is the 3~5 cm heel. Compared to over-Height Increasing Shoes and completely flat shoes, men’s 5.5 cm high shoes 8cm Groom Married Invisible Heightening Shoes Patent Leather Business Men’s Shoes is the best!

As a scientific theorist, to explore the specific mystery, you can find that after putting on Height Increasing Shoes, people’s weight will move forward. Imagine the leaning tower of Paris. The beauty of the tilt must have sufficient support to maintain balance. Therefore, the muscles of the waist, buttocks, legs, and feet should be coordinated. Because the center of gravity moves forward, the arch that directly affects the original force has to bear the weight of the sudden increase. This weight accounts for almost the majority of the body.

Height Increasing Shoes

It is difficult, and the arch of the foot will be painful for a long time. Some of them are small. The joints can also be damaged or deformed. Secondly, it also causes the waist muscles to be in a state of tension. This is also a fragile area that is prone to problems. What is wrong with it? The scientific name is “lumbar muscle strain”, as the saying goes, backache! If it is serious, it may also shift the spine… It’s really not alarmist. Have you seen the cigarette box printed with “Smoking is harmful to health”? Brazil has a Elevator Shoes manufacturer, and it has printed on the shoe box that “wearing high heels may hurt the spine”!

And wearing a completely flat shoes, although the center of gravity did not move forward, but concentrated all the weight of the body fell to the heel. Dealing with high heels, at least the arch, calf, hip and waist fight together, share together, now, with the flat Elevator Shoes, only the heel is a lonely army. It’s hard to last a lot of lonely people, so it’s easy to have pain, fasciitis and other symptoms on the tired heel. This is in terms of “gravity”. Flat shoes also have the effect of “shocking force”. Medical data shows that when wearing flat shoes, because of the shock absorption of the heel, the rebound force of the falling foot directly oscillates into the brain.

Height Increasing Shoes

In view of the above two points, you should think of a compromise solution, yes! The medical profession generally advocates: It is best to wear shoes with a heel of 3 to 5 cm. Why is the men’s 5.5 cm Elevator Dress Shoes better? Just because it just keeps such an ideal and high. Not 10 cm, not 0 cm, preferably 5 cm. Go to both ends and take it! Or why do you say that the golden mean of the ancestors is a great philosophy?

Take Guangzhou Gaoge to increase the shoes for example. The height of the increase is calculated from the ground level, but if it is increased by 5.5 cm, it does not mean that there is a 5.5 cm slope height like the ladies’ high heels, because the shoes have a full pad increase. On the upper level, the upper level is 0.5 cm in height at the forefoot. This is to be reduced. Therefore, the actual slope height is 5 cm, but there is an increase of 5.5 cm.

Height Increasing Shoes

Men’s 5.5 cm high shoes, gold triangle balance design, scientific adjustment of the center of gravity when walking, not only to keep the body in balance, but also to avoid damage to the feet, waist and even the spine; appropriate slope height, also played a role in helping The role of the earthquake has a protective effect on other organs such as the human brain and the stomach. Comfortable and healthy, it is ideal for men’s 5.5 cm high shoes!

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